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You owe us an answer. #r meant something for us too

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i’m sorry that this hurt you. i personally do not feel like i owe you and answer. This relationship was between Ross and I and we chose to share some of it here with you. #r will still me something on my blog, and you can either choose to care or not, just please be respectful of both of us. 

You two are so immature. Every relationship ends and every guy is always an asshole.

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this is not true. to be honest, we were very mature about the whole thing. Every relationship does not end and Ross was certainly not an asshole. Ross was incredible. Sadly, we were not meant to be and thats why we are both going separate ways. I will always love him and right now we are both trying to grieve in our own ways, so that maybe someday in the future we can be friends again. 

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